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That's me - das bin ich!

I've been a radio amateur since 1978. My current operating interests is mainly QRP-CW, SOTA, telegraphy operating and home brewing. in the Swiss Alps with a FT-817 or the ATS-4b But my radiostory beginns much earlier. In 1960 as a 12 year old boy I built my first radio, a crystal diode detector, followed 1961 by my first tube radio. Later in 1965 while I learned the job of a precisionmechanic I built a AM QRP-transceiver and a short wave receiver (Kit). The same time I learned the morsecode and was 1968 CW-radiooperator in the Swiss Army. I married 1972 and got 1973 my degree as electronic engineer. Finally after my daugther Nadja was born in 1977, I felt enough mature to get the amateur licence. After more than 40 years I am still fascinated with the phenomena of how electromagnetic waves propagate through the ether and carry my dots and dashes from here to there with so little power.

My Rig's: FT-890, FT-817, K2, ATS-3, ATS-4, several homebrew QRP monobander's (see Pictures)
Antenna's: - at current time without any fixed antenna. Yes it's a pitty!
Meber of following Clubs: (see Links)
- USKA, Union Schweizer Kurzwellenamateure - ARCI,Nr 8412, Amatuer Radio Club International - G-QRP-Club #4048 - AGCW-DL Nr. 1592, - I-QRP Nr., - DL-QRP, - HTC, Nr, 086 Helvetia Telegraphy Club , - RACS (Radio Amateur Club Swissair)
Holding following Awards: DXCC, WAC(QRP), QRP-Master Nr.120, WAS, WAE I, WAZ, H26 (worked all Swiss Cantons on HF and VHF), 100 Oblast, IOTA, SOTA

Whenever I find time I am active in Contests and activity parties: Straight key parties, semi automatic or bug key parties, various QRP contests in Europe, various CW contests on HF, in Europe and worldwide. I like any outdooractivities like hiking in the Swiss Alps where I take always a rig is with me. Since 2008 I am SOTA - activator and chaser

I like Homebrewing: QRP-transceivers, tuners, portable antennas, power supplies and others. (see Pictures)